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I've just renewed my subscription and just wanted to thank you for creating such a great site. It really is quick and enables me to create all these worksheets and tasks I'd wanted to but didn't know how to or didn't have the time to. The fact that I can save my worksheets to my account is also fantastic. Quickworksheets has become an invaluable part of my lesson planning and preparation.
Heledd Smith
United Kingdom
My gosh, this place is awesome. Have already asked my school to get us a membership!
Lou de Beuzeville
RIDBC Thomas Pattison School
NSW, Australia
This is really a fantastic resource... I can not wait to use this tool to assist my students.
Alicia Godmasch
We love the website and will be passing it on to all the teachers at Ernabella Anangu School (Outback S.A.) Cheers!
Dave Barnett
Teacher, Ernabella Anagu School
SA, Australia
There are plenty of free online worksheet generators available .... but most of them are cluttered with ads, and I couldn't find any that are as well-designed and easy-to-use as Quickworksheets. The variety of worksheet types available, including crosswords, multiple-choice quizzes, and bingo grids, is impressive. However, the cherry on the top (or the icing on the cake, if you prefer) is the fact that the worksheets are fully customisable. If, like me, you spend a lot of time creating worksheets for your students, it's definitely worth thinking about signing up for a premium account.
Jeffrey Hill
Teacher of English at EM Normandie Business School
Le Harve, France
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I am really very happy with Quickworksheets. It is a real boon for teachers and a great labour-saving concept. In India, where the student strength of each class is 50 to 60 students, it is a great way to keep the students busy and interested and at the same time save the teacher a lot of trouble in generating worksheets.
Prochy Master
Quickworksheets.net is a good site for creating very quick and user-friendly worksheets. As shown by my example lesson, they are really good support material for your lessons. The website is easy to navigate and leads you step by step to create your own quick worksheets.
Thank you so much for this wonderful tool. I really appreciate your sharing and helping to improve our teaching.
Evelyn Silesky
EFL Teacher
Costa Rica
Very handy to do some extra exercises for my pupils; both for the ones who are quick and the ones who have difficulties with words.
I love the product!
Matt Wilfong