Enter a title and a paragraph of English text. This worksheet maker will generate a cryptogram that can be solved with a substitution cipher. Students must substitute the code letters for the real letters to reveal the paragraph of text you have entered.

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FRI NOV 2 (1640-5) = C

Shared by luiscampos Country Flag on 21 September 2018

WED OCT 24 (1639-3)

Shared by luiscampos Country Flag on 12 September 2018

Cryptogram 1

Shared by RandallBrown Country Flag on 21 February 2018

FRI FEB 2 (1601-5) = V

Shared by luiscampos Country Flag on 5 December 2017


Shared by erinteacher Country Flag on 29 March 2017


Shared by Fionauk512 Country Flag on 29 October 2016


Shared by CathL Country Flag on 29 February 2016