Using e-Worksheets


You can create e-Worksheets just like any other kind of worksheet by selecting "Interactive e-Worksheet" from the "New Worksheet" menu at the top of the screen.

Use the blue "Short answer question" and "Multiple choice question" buttons to add questions to your worksheet. Your changes will be saved automatically.

e-Worksheet Questions


Every e-Worksheet has an "access link" that you can give to your students / participants to allow them to complete the worksheet on their device. They do not need to create a Quickworksheets account.

After you have finished adding questions to your e-Worksheet click on the "View / Assign e-Worksheet" button at the bottom to reveal the access link. You can use the "Copy" button to copy this link to your computer's clipboard. You can then "paste" it into an e-mail, your Learning Management System, or share it using whatever means you normally use to communicate with your students.

You can also ask your students to scan the QR code with their smartphone or tablet. You can download the QR code using the "Download as Image" button, after which you can insert it in a poster, presentation or handout.

Finally, you can use the "Share to Google Classroom" button if you and your students use the Google Classroom platform. (Please note that e-Worksheet results are not automatically transferred to Google Classroom.)

e-Worksheet Access link

For previously created e-Worksheets you can view the access link and other assignment options by clicking on "Assign" button for the relevant e-Worksheet on the My Worksheets page.

e-Worksheet Info Button

Please take care not to reveal this link publicly as anyone who knows it can access and respond to your e-Worksheet.

Viewing Responses

You can view responses to your e-Worksheet by clicking the "Responses" button for the relevant e-Worksheet on the My Worksheets page.

e-Worksheet Responses

This will display a bar chart of respondent scores in deciles (bands of 10%). Below that is a table of results by participant. You can view the completed worksheet for any student by clicking on the "View Response" button.

Below this table is the "Results by Question" table, which will summarise the percentage of correct answers for each worksheet question. This helps you to identify areas of syllabus where overall student knowledge is weak.

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