Online Storage

Any worksheets that you save will be visible on your My Worksheets page. Here is a list of some of the main features of that page:

  1. Online storage remaining.
  2. Filter by search.
  3. Filter by type.
  4. Select multiple worksheets.
  5. Action buttons.
  6. Undo delete.
  7. Load worksheet.
My Worksheets page

1. Online Storage Remaining

This bar graph tells you at a glance how much online storage you have remaining. The amount of online storage you have depends on your current plan.

If you are running out of storage you can delete worksheets you no longer need or upgrade to a plan with higher storage limits.

2. Filter by Search

You can narrow down your list of worksheets by search term. Enter a word or phrase and click "Search" to do this.

3. Filter by Type

You can narrow down your list of worksheets by Worksheet Type. This can be used in conjunction with "Filter by Search" so that, for example, you can display all "Crossword" worksheets containing the word "animals".

4. Select Multiple Worksheets

Click on the top checkbox to select all worksheets on this page. Click on the individual checkboxes to select or deselect individual worksheets.

To apply actions to the selected worksheet use the button bar that appears at the bottom of the screen. You can either delete multiple worksheets or download an archive of multiple worksheets.

You cannot download worksheets that are drafts - they have to be finalised first.

Actions for multiple selected

5. Action Buttons

These buttons perform the following actions on the individual worksheet on their row:

  • PDF - download a PDF file of the finalised worksheet.
  • FinalTouches - open the FinalTouches Editor so you can make further changes.
  • Share - display a form allowing you to share the worksheet with other Quickworksheets users.
  • Delete - delete the worksheet from your online storage.

6. Undo Delete

If you click the delete button by accident you will have the opportunity to restore the worksheet by clicking on "Undo Delete". Once you navigate away from the current page you will not be able to restore a deleted worksheet.

7. Load Worksheet

Clicking on the worksheet title or icon on the left will either allow you to continue editing a draft (if the worksheet is in draft mode) or allow you to create a new worksheet based on this one.

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