Shareable Links

Shareable links allow you to share a worksheet via a secret link. Anyone who has the link will be able to access the worksheet. They do not need to create a Quickworksheets account.


Every e-Worksheet has an "access link" that you can give to your students / participants to allow them to complete the worksheet on their device. Please see e-Worksheets for more information.

Printable Worksheets

You can create a shareable link for any finalised printable worksheet.

Anyone who has the link can download a PDF of the worksheet, which they can then print and complete on paper, or annotate on their computer using third party software.

To create a shareable link click on "Share by Link" after creating a worksheet (below).

Share by Link

For existing worksheets you can use the "Shareable Link" action in the My Worksheets browser.

Shareable Link button

Create a Link

If your worksheet has an answer key attached you will have the option to exclude it when creating the shareable link. This prevents students from viewing the answers prematurely. (Only available for worksheets created after 6 April 2020.)

Click on "Create Link" to generate the shareable link.

Create Shareable Link

Use Link

Once you have created the link it will appear inside a dashed box on the screen. Use the "Copy" button to copy this to your computer's clipboard. You can then paste it in an email, instant messaging service, Learning Management System (LMS), or wherever you want to share it.

Your students can also scan the QR code on their smartphone or tablet to access the worksheet. The "Download as Image" button may be helpful if you want to embed the QR code in a poster, handout, or display it on a screen.

Use shareable link

Anyone who has the link or QR code will be able to view the worksheet. Please be careful not to disclose it publicly.

Share to Google Classroom

Click on the green Google Classroom button to share this worksheet on Google Classroom. A new window will open that will allow you to assign the worksheet to your class. You should instruct your students to download and print the worksheet, or save it and use third party annotation software to complete it on their computer.

Link Information

In the "Link Information" panel you can view how many times the link has been loaded. Please bear in mind that the load count will increase if a worksheet is reloaded multiple times by the same person.

Shareable link info

Remove Link

Click on "Remove Link" to delete the shareable link. After this is done anyone who tries to access the worksheet by the link will receive a "Not Found" (404) error.

Delete shareable link

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