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VCV with silent e

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Instructions: Find the VCV with silent e words. Then, circle them on the grid.

Target Language: game note bike cute like take kite mute nose rope fuse tape bite lime tune vase ...


1 July 2016

Joanne73 Author Country Flag Taiwan

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O consanant E

Target Language: code joke rode broke home know pole stone slope rose note drove

Write sentences using 5 words from above:


6 January 2016

nsalguero Author Country Flag United States of America

O consonant E Wordsearch
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Spelling Test: Vowel-consonant-e

Instructions: Circle the correct answer choice and write the correct spelling on the line.

Target Language: 1. wise 2. huge 3. case 4. alone 5. rise 6. cube 7. fame 8. beside ...


1 October 2015

mslharrison Author Country Flag United States of America

Vowel-consonant-e Spelling Test
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Speeling Test V/CV & VC/V Words

Target Language: table rocket zebra hotel closet limit novel current lizard silent


15 September 2014

Mankita Author Country Flag United States of America

Spelling Test V/CV
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vcv pattern

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Target Language: pilot tiger favor planet shady tiny stomach Sunday follow spider cozy diner lemon model robot label silent frozen basket melon


9 March 2013

LMREUT01 Author Country Flag United States of America


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