Listener's Worksheet on Deuteronomy 28

Fill-in-the-Blank Sentences Worksheet

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Today I am giving you the laws and teachings of the Lord your God. The Lord will make you successful in your daily work. But you must not reject any of his laws and teachings or worship other gods. You won't have enough bread to eat. You won't last long, and you may even meet with disaster, all because you rejected the Lord. Even your infant sons and daughters will be taken as prisoners of war. You may feel safe inside your town walls, but the enemy will tear them down. He will punish you and your descendants with incurable diseases. But if you disobey him, he will be ust as happy to pull you up by your roots. You will be restless--always longing for home, but never able to return. You will live in constant fear of death. Then you will even try to sell yourselves as slaves, but no one will be interested.

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14 April 2013

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