Listener's Worksheet on Deuteronomy 29-31

Fill-in-the-Blank Sentences Worksheet

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Moses called the nation of Israel together and told them. I did these things so you would realize that I am your God. But it isn't just for you; it is also for your descendants. The Lord will strike your country with diseases and disasters. Then he will stop punishing you and treat you with kindness. The Lord will be happy to do good things for you, just as he did for your ancestors. You know God's laws, and it isn't impossible to obey them. If you obey him, you will live and become successful and powerful. Will you choose for the Lord to make you prosperous and give you a long life? Moses again spoke to the whole nation of Israel. I am a hundred twenty hears old, and I am no longer able to be your leader. Be brave and strong! Moses, you will soon die. They will pray to me, but I will ignore them because they were evil and started worshiping other gods The Israelites will reject me and break the agreement that I made with them.

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23 April 2013

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