Listening: Choose the Right Word

Fill-in-the-Blank Sentences Worksheet

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1. Listen to your teacher say the sentence.  2. Circle the correct word. 3. After we correct the handout out on the board, write the correct word on the line.

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Maria bought a great coat. She almost got cute shoes. Who has new toys? Tommy has a pair of red shoes. Jenny knows many people. She has three daughters. Can you sew the hole in my coat? Who finished their homework? We might have a test soon. Everybody made a different song.

bot, brought,but cuit, cut, coot toils, trouese, twoys per, ber, bare nose, nows, knoes doctors, doguters, daughts so, saw, sow there, they're, sere miat, mate, mite maid, mad, miad

Write sentences using words from above:

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2 May 2019

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