Charlotte's Web Ch. 10-12 True or False

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_____ 1. Avery tried to catch Charlotte._____ 2. Fern was afraid to go on the swing in the barn._____ 3. Fern fell into Wilbur's food trough._____ 4. The goose egg broke when Avery fell on it._____ 5. The children ran away from the horrible smell._____ 6. Charlotte said people were gullible._____ 7. Lurvy kicked dirt over the egg and Templeton's nest._____ 8. By the next morning the barn smelled good again._____ 9. Charlotte still did not know how she would save Wilbur's life._____ 10. Wilbur had faith in Charlotte that she'd form a good plan._____ 11. Templeton was glad the egg finally got broken.

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5 April 2013

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