Unit 2 Families- Who's this?

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Draw a picture of your family. 

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  1. Write about your picture and about your family.  example-This is my dad. His name is Paul. 2. Ask questions about your friends family. Write down the answers. Use determiners: (my, your, his, her, we, our and their) in your answers Questions Answers What's your name?   How old are you?   Where are you from?   Who are they? Who is he/she? Is he/ she your brother/ sister? Is he/ she your dad/ mom?   How old is he/she?   How old are they?   Is that your sister? What's her name? Is that your father? How old is he? Is that your mother? Where is she from?  

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5 April 2019

teacherlee Author Country Flag Vietnam

This is a worksheet made for the book "PREPARE 1 Unit 2"

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