Speaking: St Patrick's Day

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Read the questions below. Some have answers, which you will READ OUT to your partner. Take turns ASKING your partner the other questions. Write down the answer from your partner. No cheating - do not read your partner's sheet! Only listening and speaking is allowed.

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Where was St Patrick born? What is the original meaning of the shamrock? What do Irish people drink on this day? In Irish myth, where do you find a pot of gold? In Irish myth, what is a leprechaun? Who was St Patrick? Why do people celebrate St Patrick? What things in the city change colour on this day? Why do people wear the shamrock? What is the capital city of Ireland?

We don't know for sure. It was probably Scotland or Wales, but it wasn't Ireland! It was used to teach Christianity A pint of Guinness, a dry beer from Dublin. At the end of a rainbow A fairy with magical powers who lives underground

The patron saint of Ireland, born around 5AD He is known as the founder of Christianity in Ireland Some cities dye their rivers green and light up buildings in green The shamrock is supposed to be lucky Dublin

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17 March 2017

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For pre-int + EFL ESL

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