Nov. 29, 2022: Get Ready for a LISTENING TASK

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Listen to people ask for a ride and for other things.  Choose if what they say is "polite" (good) or "not polite" (bad). When we do the LISTENING TASK there will also be some questions that are NOT about "polite" or "not polite".

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My car is stuck in the snow. Could you please push it?
polite (good)
My car won't start. Could you possibly give me a boost?
I need a ride to school tomorrow because the sidewalks are very icy.
not polite
Push my car because it's stuck in the snow.
not polite
I'm sick today. Could you please drop off my children at school? I would really appreciate it.
Can you give me a ride to work? The buses are not running because of the blizzard.
not polite
Would it be possible for you to give my car a boost? Thanks so much.
Can you please pick up my children at school? I need to work late today. Thanks for helping me.

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29 November 2022

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