Charlotte's Webb Chapters 4-9

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What had upset all of Wilburs plans? Why did Lurvy think there was something wrong with Wilbur? Why couldn't the goose play with Wilbur? What medicine did Lurvy give Wilbur? Why did the animals get angry with Wilbur? Wilbur heard a voice one nigt, where did it come from? What problem did Charlotte have? What are 2 things Wilbur would learn about Charlotte? What wonderful surprise did the Goose have to share? Why did the goose give the unhatched egg to Templeton? What bad news did the Sheep tell Wilbur? The last time Wilbur was going to be killed, Fern helped him. Who will help him this time? What 2 things did Wilbur lack in order to be able to spin a web? What rude thing did the lamb say to Wilbur in chapter 9? What promise did Charlotte make to Wilbur?

rain snow a fox He wouldn't eat. He wouldn't play. He wouldn't sleep. She was sitting on eggs and had to keep them warm. She had to cook dinner. Her mom wouldn't let her. sulfur and molasses tylenol codliver oil He had disturbed their rest too early in the morning. He wouldn't share his food with them. He took one of the baby goslings. spider goose dog She couldn't see Wilbur good. She couldn't hear Wilbur good. She couldn't feel Wilbur good. She is kind hearted and a true friend. She is mean and not really his friend She likes to eat cucumbers and sing in the shower. The goslings had hatched. The food truck was coming. It was almost Christmastime. To add to his nasty collection. To take it to the garbage. To sit on it longer until it hatched. He was going to be killed. He was going to be sold. Fern didn't love him anymore. Charlotte The sheep Templeton spinnerets and knowhow yarn and directions 8 legs and 8 eyes. She told him he was the smelliest creature in the place. She told him he was fat. She told him he was ugly and not smart. She would keep him from being killed by the Zuckermans. She would protect his food trough from Templeton. She would keep him warm in the wintertime.

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21 March 2013

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