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What is a 'nuclear family'? What do you do if you are a 'provider'? What is a 'responsibility'? What are you if you are a 'dependent'? What is a 'drawback'? Who are our 'ancestors'? What does 'your welfare' mean?

family with mom, dad and children family with mom, dad, children and grandparents family with parents, children and cousins look after others, physically, financially etc. help others with health issues give others gifts something you must do; a duty something you have a choice to do or not do something you have when you are mature reliant on others to care for your needs you are a reliable person and can be depended upon you need to be needed something that is a negative part of a situation something that is positive about a situation a place where you can take art lessons when you get old relatives from a long time ago your grandparents and great aunts and uncles distant family members who live in other countries your physical, mental and emotional well being not having money or a job being well; not ill

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18 March 2019

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