Being Clumsy is Humorous

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I have done many clumsy things while I am teaching in class. The first clumsy thing is that I constantly drop chalk. It makes a mess after it hits the floor! Sometimes there is no graceful way to hide the embarrassing mess. I also have a knack for dropping assignments on the floor as well. It isn't great when the floor is wet and the paper becomes soggy. In addition, my clumsiness can often be quite painful. For instance, I walk into the tables a lot. I always have bruises on my thighs from the tables. Unfortunately, the students always notice when I walk into the tables and laugh, especially when I have to take a deep breath to dull the pain. I also don't pay enough attention when I handle paper. I have injured myself to the point of bleeding twice this term in class because of paper cuts. I need to keep a box of band-aids in my office desk just for this reason. All in all, I have to admit my teaching in the classroom is a bit graceless, but I probably will not change anytime soon.

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27 November 2014

paigeappleyard Author Country Flag Canada

It's a paragraph I wrote to help show organization and in error form to work on proofreading skills. I hope you find it useful!

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