Charlotte's Webb Ch. 4-9 short answer questions

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Name 4 plans Wilbur had for the day it rained. eat breakfast, dig a hole, take a nap, talk to Templeton, stand still and watch flies Wilbur woke up several times the night he heard the voice. What was one of the things that woke him up? Templeton gnawing, goose turning on her nest, chuckling, weather vane. Describe what the spider looked like. large, grey, 8 legs, size of a gumdrop. What were 3 wonderful things kids did on the farm during summer? fish, ride on the hay wagon, play in the hay What did Charlotte mean when she said if the egg ever broke the barn would be untenable? noone would be able to live there because of the smell. List 3 people who plotted against Wilbur. Lurvey, Mr. Zuckerman, John Arable Charlotte promised Wilbur she would keep him from being killed, what did he need to do to help? gain weight, stop worrying, get plenty of sleep

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21 March 2013

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