Unit 2 The Zoo- Q&A about animals and places

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Read and answer questions about the zoo. Come to our amazing zoo. We have 73 different types of animals on display. What's your favourite animal? Is it an elephant? Is it a hippo? What foods do animals eat? Did you know that lions like sausages and steak? Come inside and look at our many large birds. Come and see them fly around our famous birdhouse. We have ten zoo keepers that will answer any questions you have about our animals. Are you hungry? Come and eat some of our famous pizzas and hamburgers. We have lots of different fruits and desserts available. Remember to come early. We open our doors at nine o'clock and close at six o'clock.

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The zoo only has one animal available to see? No, there are 73 animals at the zoo. What foods do lions like to eat? Lions like sausages and steak. What animals can you see flying around? You can see birds flying around. Does the zoo have zoo keepers for you to talk to? Yes, it does. How many zoo keepers can you talk to? There are 4 zoo keepers. Is the zoo a good place to eat fish and salad? No, it isn't. It's a good place for pizza and hamburgers. What time does the zoo open its doors? The zoo opens at 9 o'clock. Does the zoo close at 4 o'clock? No, it doesn't. It closes at 6 o'clock.

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7 September 2018

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Unit 2- Q&A about zoo animals - read and answer

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