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Directions: Read the text and circle the correct word in each sentence found in the   ( ).

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Today is Tuesday. Yesterday (  was   went    were  ) Monday and tomorrow will be Wednesday. Today Lisa (  (need    needs   needing   ) to give three speaking tests. She does not like leaving everyone (  in    on    or   )  the class to practice writing and grammar with so many worksheets. To (  do   does    doing   ) this exercise you must read the sentence and choose one word in the   ( ) which is called a parenthesis. (   Care    Caring   Carefully  ) read the word before and after the ( ). This is how the English (   book    study   program   ) tests both vocabulary and grammar. It's important to recognize (    good    correct    many ) words in real sentences. After the work is completed recopying (  a   an    the   ) text with the correct words is a good way to practice writing in English. Rewrite the text by reading one sentence at a time. Remember the sentence. Write the sentence without looking at it. Mistakes made doing this shows you where your vocabulary and/or grammar is weak. This is the best way to fix these weaknesses.

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25 February 2020

Lisa12204 Author Country Flag United States of America

My program tests both grammar and vocabulary together by having the students select a word in a ( ) to make the sentence correct. This is unique to my program and I need to make such worksheets to prepare them for the test.

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