A Classroom Where Nobody Cheats

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After clearly identifying the problem, Lang presents his solutions for combatting the cheating epidemic: First, teachers should be focused on encouraging mastery rather than performance on assessments. When Lang looked at research on how teacher's goals for their students influence cheating, he found that there are two types of learners, mastery- and performance-oriented. According to Lang, mastery-oriented students "pursue understanding," whereas performance-oriented students hope to "demonstrate their ability." When students are more focused on their grade point average than the material they are supposed to be learning, they are much more likely to cheat. Worse, when students compete with each other around grades, they are far more likely to put their energy into demonstrating their ability than to pursue their own individual understanding of the material. If we want to curb student cheating, we should be aiming higher than the carrot and stick of grades and assessments and engage our students in learning for learning's sake.

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21 October 2015

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