A Short Gerund Story

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Yesterday, in class, the teacher asked the student, "Are you finished your homework?". The student, Jake, replied, "Sorry, I didn't finish doing my homework because I was worried about answering the questions wrong.". The teacher thought about punishing Jake, but then planned on reviewing the questions with everyone in class. After the break, the students practiced speaking together with a question. This is what they did: A: What do you enjoy doing in winter? B: I enjoy walking my dogs outside. B: What do you enjoy doing in winter? A: I enjoy skiing downhill every weekend. C: What do you enjoy doing in winter? D: I enjoy reading by the fireplace in the winter. D: What do you enjoy doing in winter? C: I enjoy shoveling snow for exercise. After the students quit talking, one student, Steven, said, "I'm bored with learning grammar.". The teacher replied, "I admit not enjoying grammar sometimes too.".

doing answering punishing reviewing speaking doing walking enjoy skiing doing reading enjoy shoveling talking learning enjoying

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17 December 2019

paigeappleyard Author Country Flag Canada

Grammar: gerunds (verb + ing)

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