Community helpers 1-2-3

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Directions. Read the sentences and circle the correct word in the ( ). After all the sentences have been corrected with Lisa copy them.  

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1.  Firefighters (   is    was   are  ) community service people who do two things. First, they stop or put out fires. Second, they are trained in emergency medicine and are able to (   help     helps     helping   ) sick people get in an ambulance and get to a hospital. 2. Police officers are community service people who try  (   to     two    too   ) catch and stop thieves as well as other things to keep us safe. 3. Crossing guards are community service people who work near schools to help children to safely cross                      (   a    an   the   )  street. 4. Mail carriers are community service people (  who     how    what   ) work for the Federal Government. They collect and deliver the mail. 5. Doctors and nurses are community service workers who work (  in   on    is   ) hospitals and clinics to help people when they are sick. 6.  Librarians are community service workers who help children and adults (   to  two   too  ) find books to read. 7. Teachers are community service workers who help children and adult to learn. 8. Bus drivers are community service workers who (    take       took     taking    ) children to school. 9. Other community service workers are people who fix the roads, repair the electrical wires, or collect the garbage.  

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11 March 2020

Lisa12204 Author Country Flag United States of America

This is the method my program uses to test English grammar and vocabulary

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