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A: Hello, Phil's Pharmacy. Nancy speaking. How may I help you? B: Oh, yes. Hello. My name is Pete Black, and I have a question about a new prescription. A: Okay. Your name again please. B. Yes, Pete Black. A: Thank you. Yes, I see your doctor faxed over a prescription for amoxicillin. Do you need it filled? B: Yes, please. A: Sure. It will be ready after one o'clock this afternoon. Do you have any more questions? B: Uh, yes. I do. How long do I need to take it? A: Your doctor has given you enough for fourteen days. You are to finish the medicine even if you feel better. B: My wife also has the same symptoms. Can I share the medicine with her? A: No. Your wife will need to go to her doctor first. Please do not share your medication. B: Oh, okay. I'll let her know. Thank you. I'll pick it up after work today. A: Thank you and have a great day. Bye. B: You too. Bye.

help question name prescription after long finish symptoms not great

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19 February 2020

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