Eighth Grade Vocabulary Quiz #3

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Match the letter to the correct term.

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avert to turn away or aside (such as the eyes) in order to avoid; to prevent something bad from happening belligerent angry and aggressive; feeling or showing readiness to fight cower to move back or bend downward out of fear of something approaching; to shrink away or crouch for shelter from harm crafty clever typically in a deceptive or dishonest way; skillful in using subtle and/or unique ways to trick someone indignation anger caused by something unjust, unworthy, or mean monotonous characterized by being boring and always the same way; dull, tedious, and repetitious; without variety and interest retort to give payback; to return a hurt that someone has caused you; to answer or respond to an argument with a counter argument subdue to get control of someone or something that is violent or dangerous by using force; to get control over something strong such as an emotion sulk to be angry and upset about something and to refuse to discuss it with other people; to be quiet and moody woe a feeling of great pain or sadness; a condition of deep suffering from misfortune, affliction, or grief

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11 April 2018

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