Eighth Grade Vocabulary Quiz #4

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Match the letter to the correct term.

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complacent satisfied with how things are and against change; satisfied and often unaware of danger or deficiency dejected sad because of a failure or loss deride to talk or write about someone or something in a very critical or insulting way imperious having or showing the proud and unkind attitude of someone who gives orders and expects others to obey them immediately juncture a place where things meet and join together; an important or critical point in time when a decision is made or actions taken lynch to put to death usually by hanging without a public trial or conviction of guilt--often carried out by a mob or angry group of citizens morose sad or unhappy; having a sullen and gloomy mood or disposition mottled marked with spots or spears of color reverent showing a lot of deep and earnest respect skeptical having or expressing doubt about something; not easily convinced; having doubts or reservations

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18 April 2018

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