elements compounds and mixture

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element - A substance made up of the same type of particle mixture - A substance made up of different types of particles, physically combined nanoparticle - A particle that has a diameter of les than one billionth of a meter chemical symbol - A letter (or letters) of the alphabet used to represent an atom of a specific chemical element chemical formula - A collection of symbols and numbers that represent the number of atoms in a particle of an element or compound physical properties - The properties of a substance that can be observed or examined with changing the composition of a substance element - A pure substance made up of only one type of atom lustre - The shininess of a metal malleable - The ability of a substance to bend or to be hammered into different shapes ductile - The ability of a substance to be drawn into wires heat conductivity - The ability of a substance to transfer heat electrical conductivity - The ability of a substance to transfer electricity compound - A pure substance made up of two or more atoms chemically bonded together

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14 February 2020

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