Employment Study Guide Crossword Puzzle- AM Int.

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Complete the crossword by filling in a word that fits each clue. Fill in the correct answers, one letter per square, both across and down, from the given clues. There will be a gray space between multi-word answers.

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application a formal, usually written, request for something such as a job, place at university, or permission to do something apply to make a formal request, usually written, for something such as a job, a place at a university, or permission to do something appropriate correct or suitable for a particular time, situation, or purpose ≠ inappropriate attire clothes availability the state of being able to be used, bought, or found: the state of being able to do something because you have enough time co-worker someone who works with you and has a similar position: colleague employee someone who is paid to work for someone else: worker employer a person, company, or organization that employs people: boss experience knowledge or skill that you gain from doing a job or activity, or the process of doing this: work experience fire to force someone to leave their job: terminate employment: lay off hire to employ someone to do a particular job interview (noun) a formal meeting at which someone is asked questions in order to find out whether they are suitable for a job, course of study etc.: (verb) to ask someone questions during an interview objective something that you are trying hard to achieve, especially in business or politics: goal occupation a job or profession: a way of spending your time quit to leave a job, school etc, especially without finishing it completely; resign; give notice: to stop doing something, especially something that is bad or annoying reference a person who provides information about your character and abilities résumé a short written account of your education and your previous jobs that you send to an employer when you are looking for a new job retire to stop working, usually because you have reached a certain age self-employed working for yourself and not employed by a company: having your own business, rather than being employed by a company; people who work for themselves skill an ability to do something well, especially because you have learned and practiced it: talent

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