Growth and Development Review

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Draw a line from the vocabulary to the matching definition. There is only one match for each definition.

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Development a process that includes growth AND progress in skills and abilities Heredity / Genetics / Nature the biological process by which traits are passed on from parents to children Environment / Nurture all the conditions and circumstances affecting a person's daily life Interrelationships how things or qualities interact or combine with each other Lifespan / Life Cycle the range of a person's life from conception to end of life PIES Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Spiritual Physical development increase in size or weight AND ability to control body movements Intellectual development Language development, problem solving, memory Emotional development Learning to recognize feelings and express feelings appropriately, personality, me looking inward Social development learning to relate to other people, me looking outward Stages of development division of lifespan into stages and ages when developmental progress is similar in most people Milestones significant growth, ability, or achievements, that are typical in each stage

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4 September 2017

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Intro to Human Growth and Development Vocabulary

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