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Often during the summer holidays, it is very hot so when the weather is over about 35 degrees I usually plan to stay at home. Adelaide in South Australia has very dry heat so we do our best to try to keep the heat outside the house. We do this by keeping our windows, blinds and curtains closed so that the house is dark and cool. Most people have electric fans that help to move the air around but when it is really hot, they just seem to shift hot air. One idea is to hang a wet towel in front of the fan so the air has been cooled. Another idea is to have a cool shower and put on your clothes while still wet. Why not hop into the bath tub with your little children for a family cool down? Of course, never leave children unsupervised around water. Another way to keep the heat out is to plan your meals to eliminate cooking. When you know a heatwave is approaching, stock up on cold meats and salads. If you can minimise using the oven and hot plates, this will help to keep your house cool. Of course, drink plenty of water. Some people like to put a slice of lemon and a twig of mint in the water for refreshment. I hope your skills at surviving our long hot summers improves as you continue to live in the driest state in the driest continent in the world.

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4 July 2015

gramarye Author Country Flag Australia

Adelaide in Australia is very hot and dry during summer. Learn how we cope with the heat!

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