How to assemble a computer

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A computer is made up of a case which houses several important internal components, and provides places to connect the external components, Inside the case go the following internal parts: PowerSupplyUnit, converts outlet power, which is alternating current (AC), to direct current (DC) which is required by internal components, Motherboard/mainboard – As the name indicates, this is the electronic centerpiece of the computer: everything else connects to the motherboard. Processor/CPU, the "brain" of the computer, most actual computation takes place here. RAM(RandomAccessMemory), the "short-term memory" of a computer, used by the CPU to store program instructions and data upon which it is currently operating. Data in RAM is lost when the computer is powered off, Storage - either HDD(HardDiskDrive) - slower of the two but less expensive) and/or SSD(SolidStateDrive). Very fast but not as cheap) – the "long-term memory" of the computer, used for persistent storage – The operating system, and all your programs and data are stored here. Optional components follow: (Components that depend on the function that will be given to the machine) OpticalDrive – device for reading/writing optical disks. May read CDs, DVDs, or other optical media, depending on the type. Soundcard - Comes with motherboard but may want to be upgraded On top of the internal components listed above, you will also need these external components: Keyboard – for typing on. Some motherboards will not complete the boot process without a keyboard attached (option often found on the BIOS) and most will report an error on boot if not set otherwise. Mouse – for pointing and clicking. Unless you chose a text-based operating system, you will likely want one of these. Monitor – it is a output device that displays the information after it is processed.

internal external PowerSupplyUnit internal Motherboard/mainboard motherboard Processor/CPU RAM(RandomAccessMemory CPU RAM HDD(HardDiskDrive SSD(SolidStateDrive OpticalDrive Soundcard internal external Keyboard Mouse Monitor

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