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Match the first and last half of these sentences

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If I miss the bus I will be late for class. If I spill my tea I might burn my hand. If the rain starts we will get wet. If I get a flat tyre I will use the spare. If you are sick you should stay home. If you lose your phone you will have to get a new one. If you leave the door open the flies will come inside. If it rains tomorrow I will stay home. If I learn to knit I will make a new scarf. If I eat cream buns I will get fat. If I leave my lunch home I will be hungry. If you look after my cat I will provide all its food. If it is hot tomorrow I will go for a swim. If you see a red back spider you should kill it. If the baby is a girl I will call her Lucy If my mother comes to visit I will clean the bathroom.

Add a conjunction to the end of the sentences

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13 May 2015

gramarye Author Country Flag Australia

Sentences beginning with If - students then add a conjunction to add to the sentence

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