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Origins How or where something begins Permafrost Ground in Siberia which stays permanently frozen Physical features Natural land features such as lakes, rivers and mountains Conquer to take over control Modify the environment makeing changes to the environment, such as bridges and dams Scarce when a resource (food, money) is almost depleted Coordinates Lines on a map that show exact location Cultural Diffusion The spreading of ideas and culture traits Market economy Operates with voluntary exchagne of goods, and is not controlled by a government Primary Resource first hand evidence of historical events, such as a diary, letter or picture Entrepreneur A person who starts a business Generalizations an inference or conclusion made based on given information Civic duty the responsibility of a citizen to do what is right Population density the number of people living in a certain area Developing nation A country that is behind in technology and has a poor economy structure

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6 February 2014

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Social Studies Key vocabulary (secondary)

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