Opossum Facts

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Opossums eat: Opossums are a: Opossums are nocturnal. That means: Opossums carry their babies: Opossums do NOT have fur on: Opossums play dead when: Opossums can live up to the age of: Opossums help stop the spread of Lyme disease by eating: Opossums can't be released back into the wild if: Opossums are:

Fruit, ticks, bugs Paper, aluminum foil, knives Snakes, horses, deer Marsupial Fish Reptile They are most active at night. They don't eat animals. They're related to owls. On their backs In a backpack In eggs Their tails and ears Their bellies Their legs They feel threatened They're bored Their mom says to clean their room 3-4 years 1-2 years 12-13 years Ticks Trash Candy They're injured or their tail is missing They don't feel like it They're lazy and want to be fed Cute, helpful, and productive Dangerous, gross, and slimy Scary, infected with rabies, and ugly

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11 February 2020

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