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Directions:  Read the text and circle the correct word in the (  ). After we correct this exercise together you will be directed to rewrite the paragraphs on the lines below.

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There are many jobs ( in on at ) the community. Some of ( a an the ) jobs are public which means that the work is supported by taxes. ( Others Another Each ) are commercial which means that the public must choose to pay for the goods and services offered. There ( is are was ) different transportation choices in our community. The city pays ( for by to ) bicycles that people can rent and ride. ( There Their They're ) are busses that take people all through the tri-city area. And there are roads and highways that allow is to ( drive driving drove ) from place to place.

Write sentences using words from above:

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15 May 2018

Lisa12204 Author Country Flag United States of America

Grammar practice. This is an exercise to choose the correct word in a text. Once the exercise is reviewed with the teacher the students are instructed to rewrite the passage on the lines provided to learn the correct format for paragraphing. Students must indent each paragraph.

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