Past and Present Tenses

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Decide which verbs go in the gaps and rewrite the text putting the verbs in the right tense.

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Once upon a time there be a little girl called Little Red Riding Hood who live with her mother next to a deep, dark, dangerous forest. She always wear a red riding hood that her grandmother give to her for her birthday. One day Little Red Riding Hood sleep when her mother wake her up and say: "Your grandmother is sick. You have to take this basket of food to her. Leave now. Don't leave the path, don't stop and don't talk to anyone." She Little Red Riding Hood walk though the forest. The sun shine and the birds sing. She listen to music on her ipod and when her mother can not see her, she take out a packet of cigarettes and light one. While she walk and smoke, suddenly she hear a voice: "Hello little girl! where __ you go?" It be a handsome wolf in a black leather jacket. He sit on a Harley. "I go to my grandmother's house," answer Little Red Riding Hood, who completely forget what her mother tell her. "__ you want me to drive you on my motorbike?" the wolf ask. The Little Red Riding Hood jump on the motorbike and the wolf drive off. Nobody ever see her since that day.

be live wear give wake have leave stop walk shine sing listen can take light walk smoke hear go be sit go answer forget tell want ask jump drive see

Rewrite the text with the verbs in the correct tense on the next page:

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