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Match the Project Schedule Management Process to the description of it's purpose.

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Plan Schedule Management Organize all time planning activities of a project: Schedule Management Plan describes how to set start and end dates of activities, how to plan overall project deadlines and how to construct and manage the schedule of the project. Define interrelationships of activities, schedule compression techniques, time planning approach etc. Define Activities Figure out the activities that need to be performed to complete the project. Sequence Activities Define interrelationship of activities so you can develop a realistic schedule: There will be lots of activities for a project but some of them will be depending on others, some will need to finish together or some will need to start together etc. Estimate Activity Durations Plan activity resource estimations: Activity resources provide their effort estimations for the activities they are assigned to. This is important to bottom-up the duration estimations of each activity and to complete the project schedule respectively. Several tools and techniques are used during estimation. For instance, who will perform an individual activity, whether it will be outsourced, or a group or resources will perform are determined. Develop Schedule Information collected during previous processes are gathered and the overall project schedule is completed: Project Schedule shows the start and end dates of each project activity and the overall project deadline respectively. And schedule baseline shows the project schedule snapshot of a project in order to compare actual results in future. Control Schedule Control project schedule against baseline. Take corrective and preventive actions to keep project on track.

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9 January 2018

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