Prompt & Response: Visit the doctor

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Directions:  Read the medical complaint and use it to make a sentence to say to a doctor to explain why medical help is needed.  Answers are provided as examples not necessarily the only proper response.

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itchy skin My sking is itch! I can't stop scratching. pain What's wrong? What can be done about it? runny nose My nose is runny. I'm having trouble breathing. Why does my nose run so much? coughing I can't stop coughing. My chest hursts from coughing. chest pain My chest feels tight. It hurts here (point to chest). joints don't move My wrist/knee/elbow/finger etc. is locked. Why? trouble rising and standing I feel weak. Why? not sleeping through the night I can't sleep. I am having trouble falling and staying asleep. bleeding cut I cut my _____ and it won't stop bleeding tooth pain I have a toothache

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1 January 2018

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Prompts for students to make sentences to describe common medical problems. No specific correct answer but suggestions are offered.

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