The Kid Who Ran For President

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Who does Judson ask to be his Vice President? Why does Chelsea agree to be Judson's First Babe? How much money does Lane say they will need for Judson to run for President? What is the first step Lane takes to raise money? Why does Lane not want Judson's first Babe to Abby?

June Syers His dad His teacher Arthur Krantz Because she wants to go to fancy parties. Because she likes Judson Because she thinks it will help her grades Because she wants to visit The White House Twenty million dollars ten billion dollars Five hundred thousand dollars Ten thousand dollars He calls the newspaper. He has a yard sale. He ask McDonalds He sells his X-Box He thinks she is too normal. He does not like her. He thinks she is not smart enough. He thinks she is mean.

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3 September 2013

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