The Kid Who Ran For President

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When Judson was interviewed what was the first thing he said he would do to the White House? What is the name of the political party Judson is representing? In his speech at school who does Judson blame for causing the country to be a mess? What promise did Judson make in his speech to the students at his school? How did Judson get money for his campaign?

Have a party. Install a skateboard ramp in the Oval Office. Go swimming. Go bowling Lemonade Party Republican Party Democratic Party Independent Party Grown ups Children The President Congress No more homework. Longer recess. Only good food at lunchtime. New playground equipment. Kids had lemonade stands all over the country and sent him the money. The kids and teachers at school gave it to him. His parents gave it to him. Newspaper reporters gave it to him.

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3 September 2013

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