Types of Feathers

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Contour Feathers Feathers that give the bird its shape or form. Some allow the bird to fly. Remiges Contain primary and secondary flight feathers Primary Feathers Most important feathers--provide thrust needed for bird to fly Secondary Feathers Close to the bird's body--the shape allows the bird to lift up in the air when thrusting forward Retrices Tail feathers which are stiff and firm Down Feathers Fuzzy, fluffy feathers which help keep the bird warm Semiplume Feathes Tiny white feathers under the contour feathers which provide shape and warmth Filoplume Tiny hairlike feathers which sense if a flight feather is positioned propery Bristles Hairlike feathers found near eyelids, mouth and nostrils used to sense very light touches

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4 November 2012

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feather worksheet

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