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She is putting a baseball cap on her child. Can I try on these stripped pants instead of skirts? Where should I buy a pair of shoes? The students are all in black- shirts. This leather belt is really cool. I think school uniforms make students look nice. Which one do you want to choose, white socks or black ones? It's really cold today, so wear a coat and gloves. She was wearing a yellow scarf around her neck. People wear shorts during the hot summer. Look at your shirt. You missed the button. It has a pocket on the outside, so it is very useful. Should I bring my sandals to Hawaii? Do you remember where I put my wallet yesterday? You must put on this life vest when you get on the boat. My little brother is wearing a pair of blue overalls. There are many different kinds of athletic shoes in the store.

cap pants shoes shirts belt uniforms socks gloves scarf shorts button pocket sandals wallet vest overalls athletic

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6 September 2019

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