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brush You do it for painting, for cleaning things, and for making your hair neat. comb is a flat piece of plastic or metal with narrow, pointed teeth along one side, which you use to make your hair neat. pants are a piece of clothing that covers the lower part of your body and each leg. porridge is a thick sticky food made from oats cooked in water or milk and eaten hot, especially for breakfast. marker is a pen with a thick tip made of felt, which is used for drawing and for colouring things. bend you move the top part of your body downward and forward. flute is a musical instrument of the woodwind family. You play it by blowing over a hole near one end while holding it sideways to your mouth. broom is a kind of brush with a long handle. You use it for sweeping the floor. garbage is waste material, especially waste from a kitchen.

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24 July 2019

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