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Name: _____________________________ Fill in the correct letters to match your answers.  

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_____ aimlessly done without aim, goal, course, or purpose _____ delirious characterized by delirium; a state of confusion, hysteria, or panic _____ heaping a large amount in a small area; a pile or mound of something _____ humiliate to make oneself or another feel ashamed or foolish _____ rickety not stable or firm; broken or about to break _____ scrawny extremely thin _____ stagnant not flowing, advancing, changing, or developing _____ thrash to beat or injure with a stick or whip _____ wail a loud cry caused by sadness, mourning, or some other strong emotion _____ wayward following one's desires without abiding by rules, laws, or morals

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29 March 2018

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