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Worksheet Instructions:

Circle the correct vocabulary word that best fits the definition or fills in the blank.

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The wildfire ___________ the forest until there was nothing left. A time of unusually dry weather and no rain When my dogs_______ a bad smell, I know it’s time to give them a bath. ________ is is dish made from beans. Broken pieces created when a building is destroyed A helper in schools and hospitals Use of teasing to be funny, mean, or hurtful Things that limit a person’s physical and mental abilities A different or new form of something Hot, glowing remains of a fire To save something from being wasted Following a recipe is an ________ way to cook a delicious dish. abuela (ah-BWEH-lah) Aria spent her Saturday __________ through a park. To light on fire

scorched showered condemned drought phase period emit smell fume Frijoles Squash Legumes rubble junk gravel aide auxiliary gofer sarcasm scorn sincere disabilities determination courage version deal object embers twiglets wood conserve prepare confine effective clean prompt grandmother sister brother roaming climbing shuffling ignite snare start

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30 January 2017

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Bob here is the midterm assessment based on the Dec/Jan issue

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