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Use the words in the box to complete the phrases.

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A train, a plane, and a car are all examples of transportation . It seemed like Maleah waited for the phone call for an eternity . The delivery man left the package at the door. Tyler's favorite meal is macaroni and cheese. Sasha and her mom have a really close relationship . When you go away to college someday, you will appreciate home-cooked meals. The hospital is equipped with all the latest medical technology . I apologize for being late to the meeting. Geoffrey has the ability to hold his breath underwater for two minutes. It's difficult to decide what information to include in the story and what to leave out. Jonathan hopes to make a medical discovery someday. Deep breathing is a relaxation technique that works for many people. Sarah and Johanna are identical twins. When Kyle finished his first aid training course, he received a certificate . The caterpillar ate through most of the leaves on our tomato plant. Larry's family is going to plant watermelon seeds in their garden this year. Addison was awarded third place in the geography bee. Grandma and Grandpa recently moved into a senior living community . Would you like to take a helicopter ride over Niagara Falls? Nothing out of the ordinary happened in school today. Make sure you close the windows before you leave the house. Kelly helps her mom fold the clean clothes and put them away. My brother Michael wants to start an entertainment company. Ella likes the story about the ugly duckling's transformation into a beautiful swan. It's necessary to make a reservation at that popular restaurant.

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9 October 2017

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