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Ask your partner for the missing information on your sheet then write it down. Definitions adapted from

Target Language:

Christians believe he is the Son of God The mother and father of Jesus A man whose job is to look after sheep A spirit that in some religions is believed to live in heaven with God Someone who manages a small hotel in the country Someone who studies the stars and planets The holy book for Christians that tells us about the life of Jesus A place where farm animals are kept To feel or show respect and love for a god The birth of Jesus Christ, celebrated by Christians

Jesus Christ Mary and Joseph a shepherd an angel an inkeeper

an astrologer / a wise man the Bible a stable to worship (v) the Nativity (n)

Write down one question you have about the Christmas story:

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16 Dec 2013

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Activity to help students understand the real meaning of Christmas. Use before a short video, story or discussion.

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