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Fill-in-the-Blank Sentences Worksheet

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Worksheet Instructions:

Circle the correct homophone for each sentence.

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We learned in Science class that the pistil is the female part of the plant. The explorers climbed to the peak of the mountain to watch the sunset. Jesus said to his diciples, "Go forth and spread my Good News!" James ran down the stairs to peek into the living room to see if Santa had left him any toys. It is against the law to carry around a pistol without a permit from the government. Her prize for winning first place in the beauty contest was a beautiful crown.. Our family prays together every night before going to bed. The lioness preys upon the zebra before jumping out from behind the bushes to strike. Mom and Dad praise me when I make good grades in school, and scold me when i do not. The root of every plant is very important because it is where the plants gets its nutrients. The route to grandma's house goes through the park and under the bridge. My whole body was sore after my fist day back to the gym. I could see the eage soar in the sky toward its nest perched high on that tree. A toad looks like a frog, but it has dry skin and lives mostly on land. We had to have our car towed to the junk yard after the car accident. The carpenter used over one hundred tacks to nail down our hard-wood floors. Although he broke his arm in two places, the doctor assured him it would heal quickly. The baby wailed when the doctor gave her the first round of booster shots. We were fortunate to see a large whate in the ocean while on our Alaskan cruise. The dancer turned on her heel and walked off the stage.

pistol peek fourth peak pistil pries preys, praise prays preys, prays route root soar sore towed toad taxs heel whaled wail heal

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