3rd Grade - L19 Crossword


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huge verry large in size, area, or amount job something that has to be done; specific duty; work germs a microorganism causing disease or virus; a small mass of living substance bridge a structure carrying a pathway over an obstacle joined to have put or brought together (past tense of join) gym a large room used for various indoor sports or exercises edges a point near the beginning or end; threshold; border changes make different in appearance or content; transform; shift joints a place where two things or parts are put together danger a harmful cause that can lead to death or serious injury wages payment of money for work (labor or services) gem jewel; something precious; a prize to be treasured just only, exactly, precisely, right action judge to form an opinion; authority in a courtroom ginger a herb or spice; a light reddish-brown color; to make lively or pep up strange different from what is usual; not before known, heard, or seen choice power of choosing; the best part; to be preferred putting placing or moving in a specified area or direction laugh chuckle; noise made in amusement or joy lives to be alive; to occupy a home

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2 February 2021

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3rd Grade BJU List 19 Crossword

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