Remote Learning and distance learning

Quickworksheets is a useful part of your remote teaching toolbox. You can quickly create activities suitable for delivery by remote learning.

Interactive Activities

Our Interactive Quiz and E-Worksheet Makers allow you to create digital activities that can be completed on a smartphone, tablet or computer. Interactive activities are graded automatically and you can view and analyse the results immediately.

Students do not need to register for a Quickworksheets account to access e-Worksheets or quizzes. You simply share an access link with them, which you can do using e-mail or via your learning management system.

Interactive e-Worksheets Interactive Quizzes
e-Worksheet example

Printable Worksheets

Our printable worksheets can also be used in a remote-learning setting.

You can create an access link for any printable worksheet and share it with your students. Recipients will be able to download a PDF of the worksheet to print and complete at home, or use third party software to annotate the PDF and then send it back to you.

Access Links
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