Annotating PDFs
Requires third party software.

Our printable worksheets are primarily designed to be printed and completed on paper. However, it is possible to use third party software to mark up worksheet PDFs electronically on a computer or device. Alternatively, we recommend using our Interactive e-Worksheet maker to make digital worksheets that can be completed on a device.

Downloading Tip

To download a PDF to your computer, click the download button in the top-right corner after the PDF opens in your browser, as shown below for Google Chrome. This may look a little different depending on your browser.

Download pdf

Preview (Mac OS)

Macs come with a great pre-installed PDF program called "Preview". Simply double-click on the PDF that is saved on your Mac to open it in Preview.

Click on the "Show Markup Toolbar" button (circled in red below) to display a selection of tools you can use to annotate the PDF including shapes, text and free hand pens.

Annotating using OS X Preview

Kami (Web - Google Chrome)

Kami is a commercial PDF annotation product that offers some annotation tools for free.

If you install the Kami Extension for Google Chrome you will notice that when you view a worksheet PDF an blue K button will appear on the right-hand side.

Kami button

Clicking this button will prompt you to sign up for a Kami account, and you will then be able to annotate the worksheet using pens, shapes and text, and then download the annotated version when done.


Xodo (Web / iOS / Android / Windows)

Xodo is free PDF annotation software for many different platforms, including a web-app that you can use straight from your browser.

If you are using Windows and prefer to have software installed locally you can download it from the Microsoft App Store. You may need to right-click on the PDF and then choose "Open with... PDF Reader bo Xodo" in order for Windows to use the correct application to open the PDF.

Xodo on Windows 10 - Open

Once you have opened the PDF with Xodo click on the pencil button on the toolbar to show a range of annotation tools.

Xodo on Windows 10

On Android or iOS it is simply a matter of downloading the Xodo app from your app store.

On Android, after you have download a worksheet PDF to your device you will need to use the three dots icon and select "Open with..." in order to open the PDF with Xodo. You will then be able to use the Xodo markup tools to write on the PDF.

Using open with on Android
Xodo on Android

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